May 22, 2019

Not Enough Resources: Episode 54 - Dalaran Heist, Star Wars Battlefront 2 is tons of fun?, U.S. Senate to introduce a microtransactions bill, Console VS PC in The Division 2, Riot can’t make up its mind on what constitutes bad behavior and The Overwatch League All Star Week

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Dylan dives into the Dalaran Heist single-player adventure in Hearthstone while Ryan talks about playing ... EA's Star Wars Battlefront 2, the scourge of all loot boxes. How have both games evolved into the states they are in today, compared to what they looked like when they were first released?

Speaking of Loot Boxes, the United States is finally introducing related legislation in the U.S. Senate. While some of the concerns raised by the bill have been corrected by the industry, there is a lot of wording about how microtransactions target children. In a press release, the bill's sponsor Senator Josh Hawley (R-MO) stated: "Game developers who knowingly exploit children should face legal consequences.”

We also look at the differences in bringing high-quality end game content like raiding into the console space thanks to some issues console players of The Division 2 had with the latest update. How will developers build their games to cater to all audiences when there are hardware differences?

Competitive Corner
G2 took down Team Liquid at the Mid-Season Invitational, ending Liquid's dominant run through the NA teams. We will see where they end up once World's come around.

After Rick Fox decided to leave Echo Fox a few weeks ago due to racial slurs from a board member, Riot issued an ultimatum demanding the board member be removed. But, at the same time, Riot still has employees performing walkouts because of how their workers are treated. It is very disheartening to see Riot have a heavy hand ready to swing at other esports organizations, but they don't take the same approach to protecting their most valuable assets: their own staff.

Finally, we talk about the pure joy that comes from watching the Overwatch League All Star Week events. It is just great to see so many pros relax, have fun, and laugh.

Remember folks, as always, be kind to your fellow gamers.