May 6, 2019

Not Enough Resources: Episode 53 - Super Smash Brothers Ultimate, Epic buys Rocket League creators Psyonix, and the Overwatch League takes over Dallas

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Now Playing
Ryan is back into Smash Brothers Ultimate thanks to the addition of Joker from Persona 5, and Dylan talks about the super fun, indie game Nidhogg 2.

Epic Games purchases Psyonix, adding Rocket League to the games in their stable. We discuss what that means for the future of the game, and if selling out is worth all the hate it gets from certain circles. Riot employees are planning a walk out due to the company's track record with sexual assault, arbitration and how it treats its employees. Hopefully it will be an effective step towards change. Finally, we gush about the possibilities coming to Overwatch thanks to the brand new Workshop mode.

Competitive Corner
Overwatch League had their first successful Homestand weekend in Dallas. Arena sellouts sound exciting, but will that momentum be sustainable when home games become the status quo instead of an event? Meanwhile, Dylan wrestles with his fading interest in competitive League of Legends due to the mid-season lull and all the news coming out of Riot regarding their company culture.
As always, be kind to your fellow gamers.