Sep 17, 2018

Marvel's Spider-Man: All the Suits We Want

Marvel's Spider-Man has proven to be a success for Sony and Insomniac Games, and there are three DLC packs planned for the massive exclusive. The first of these three titled "The Heist" will focus on Black Cat, and include three new suits for Peter to swing through New York City in. Here is the trailer for the DLC, which releases on October 23rd.

The next two pieces of DLC are titled "Turf Wars" and "Silver Lining". I fully expect these to follow Kingpin and Silver Sable storylines, and hopefully these pieces of DLC will include suits as well. Also, while I would love to be able to play as Miles, I would much rather him have a larger staring role in the sequel instead of being relegated to a DLC character. Here are some classic Peter Parker suits I would like to see pop up in the DLC.
Armored Spider-Man This is a throwback to the heyday of 90's comics, where the big two started to figure out they could sell more toys of their characters if they had different costumes. In the comics Spider-Man wore this to make himself bullet proof, but it ultimately caused his reflexes to slow. This one also holds a special place in my heart, as it was my first Spider-Man toy I ever owned. Armored Spider-Man
Superior Spider-Man This suit is so bad ass. This was the suit Peter wore while his body was being used as a meat suit for the mind of Doc Ock, and includes the extra arms from the Iron Spider suit we know and love. While Peter has since regained control of his body, this costume represents a great story arc where our hero falls from grace only to come back better than ever. Superior Spider-Man
Kaine Parker's Scarlet Spider I find there are two Spider-Man fans in the world, those that love the Clone Saga, and those that hate it. Kaine is yet another clone of Peter Parker, who is a completely different clone than Ben Parker. So he is the second Scarlet Spider? Sure whatever, because Comics™. This suit is awesome cause it is all butts and abs, and who doesn't love that. Scarlet Spider
Bag-Man What do you do when you are a superhero who can't find his suit, but crime needs to be stopped? You grab Johnny Storms old uniform and throw a bag over your head. After all, gotta protect that identity no matter the cost. Bag-Man
Future Foundation This suit is probably the closest we could get to the famous Symbiote Suit from the Venom storyline. Following the death of Johnny Storm, Peter joined the Future Foundation and got this awesome suit from Mr. Fantastic. It can change colors from Black and White, to White and Black and back. Future Foundation
Manga Verse Spider-Man This costume is super cool and super fun, but I don't think it would work on a normal sized Peter Parker. I would like this to include a complete model rework to include the exaggerated proportions mimicking the art style. If we can have the vintage suit, why not this one? You can even keep the hitbox the same size! Manga Verse
Spider-Ham Speaking of changing hit boxes... Spider-Ham
What other costumes would you like to see in Marvel's Spider-Man?

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