May 26, 2018

Not Enough Resources: Episode 31 - Hearthstone, House Flipper, Battlefield V and Heroes of the Dorm

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Dylan talks about Hearthstone getting normalized after a huge meta shift. Meanwhile Ryan dives into the world of sort-of house renovations in House Flipper. Can you learn to renovate a full house with a video game? Probably not, but that doesn’t mean Ryan isn’t learning stuff along the way.

News –
We talk everything Battlefield V, from highlighting the Women of service in World War 2, to procedurally generated single player mode, and DICE trying to knock this out of the park following the mishandling of Star Wars Battlefront 2.

Competitive Corner –
Does the EU have hope of winning a World Championship in League of Legends? How awesome was Heroes of the Dorm? And finally, the guys share their favorite moments of gaming with a crowd.