Mar 3, 2018

Not Enough Resources: Episode 26 – Horizon Zero Dawn, Into The Breach, The ESRB and loot boxes, Warcraft 3 HD? and Brigitte

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Dylan keeps going back to Horizon Zero Dawn, drawn in by it’s gorgeous open world and great narrative design. Meanwhile, Ryan dives into the tactical PC indie Into The Breach thanks to it’s sharp design and addictive gameplay.

News:The ESRB is doing the absolute bare minimum when it comes to the loot box controversy, stipulating that they will add a label to games that have additional purchases available to players beyond the initial purchase of the game. Spoilers: The is pretty much every game being made. The language doesn’t differentiate between loot boxes, expansion content or unlocks, making this the smallest of steps the ESRB could take. There is also talk of a potential remaster of Warcraft 3 on the horizon, thanks to a new developer sponsored tournament coming up for the 16 year old game.

Competitive Corner:
Dylan breaks down more League of Legends meta shifts while Ryan talks Stage 2 of Overwatch League. On the developer side of things, Blizzard announced Brigitte, a new support healer that is going to shake up the meta in Stage 3 for sure.