Mar 2, 2017

Blizzard introduces Orisa to Overwatch

After weeks of teasing something from the brain of Efi Oladele, Blizzard has finally unveiled the newest hero for Overwatch, the spider-like robot Orisa.

Orisa is built by Numbani genius Efi Oladele from the remains of OR15 defense bots, recently ravaged and destroyed by someone carrying the Doomfist.

Orisa will be the sixth tank class character, and the third mechanical hero following Zenyatta and Bastion. She is the third hero after Ana and Sombra to be added to Overwatch, for free, since the games launch last year.

Orisa is the third hero to be added to Overwatch
As a quadruped, Orisa will definitely stand out on the battlefield from others. Similar to D.Va, Orisa’s main fire ability slows her while she fires, but her damage output is higher thanks to her having a rifle type weapon instead of tiny mini-guns. Her alternate fire creates tiny singularities that slow enemies, before drawing them in as the singularity explodes. Her first special ability creates a stationary wall for your allies to take cover behind, similar to Reinhardt’s Barrier. Her ultimate sends out a damage boost to any allies within her line of sight, allowing her to help with pushes towards objectives.

Orisa is available to test right now on the PC version of Overwatch through the Public Test Region, and will release onto live servers for all platforms in the near future. In the past, new content has been on the Public Test Region for about a week before being deployed to live servers.

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