Mar 18, 2016

Civil War II

I am so torn on this event. First of all, the first Civil War is one of my favorite books, but mostly because I read it in it's entirety at least once a year. The main event itself is kind of meh, but all of the tie in books really make the main book sing. What frustrates me is the issue at the center of Civil War II seems to be science fiction mumbo jumbo, instead of reflecting the present issues the world is facing.

The first Civil War was a response to the increased surveillance granted to the United States Government following September 11th. The Patriot Act had the voice of country split, so naturally, our heroes were split about the issue too. Should heroes give up their private identity in the name of national security? Or is giving up your secret identity in exchange for more government control a step over the line, meaning you might just have to jump out of a Helicarrier after going AWOL?

This iteration of Civil War focuses on a super powered being, probably an Mutant Inhuman, who can see the future with startling accuracy. This will of course cause an ideological split in the super powered community, with Captain Marvel leading the pack saying "Minority Report? Never read it!", and Tony Stark leading the "Seriously Carol?" side. It seems to me this cross over is being haphazardly thrown together just because there is a movie coming out with the same name. The reason Secret Wars 2 worked so well because it was organic story telling that made sense, not because a movie of the same name was coming out.

One of the most cited problems with the original Civil War was that the book ended up destroying any integrity Tony Stark had going in, causing him to literally be rebooted with amnesia. Hopefully that doesn't happen to Carol, who has just been recently pushed into the lime light thanks to her excellent on going series. It 

The most frustrating aspect though? It won't be considered timeless. Marvel could be putting out something that is a commentary on gun control, police violence, global warming or 100 other topics. Instead we get a generic 'fight the future' plot. I feel that this isn't going to push storylines forward for many characters. Not that anything from the original Civil War stuck, except for maybe the death of Goliath...