Jun 16, 2015

E3 2015 Thoughts

Sony was the worst. The bait and switch on Shenmue III sucks so much. Kickstarter is no longer for funding projects, but garnering market interest. It is nothing by risk assessment, because their is no way in hell Shenmue is going to be made on a $2 million budget. Final Fantasy VII looks stunning, but the gameplay in that game hasn't aged well at all, so lets see some actual gameplay footage that isn't just managing spreadsheets and then maybe we can start talking about it. Last Guardian will be amazing and win hundreds of awards, but it is probably not going to make any money for how long it has been in development and it didn't demo well at all. The only things Sony showed that looked remotely interesting were Dreams and Horizon. Not to mention the Uncharted Demo they had to restart because it glitched out.

Nintendo dropped the ball so bad that the president of the company issued an apology on twitter. And they are ruining Metroid yet again it looks like. Star Fox looks like a lot of fun and will be great to play in HD. I wanted to see more 3DS stuff.

Microsoft just stumbled around, but had some really cool concepts shown like ReCore and Cuphead. The removal of same system co-op in Halo 5 puts it firmly on the 'when it is on sale' list for me. Gears looks fine, but I think I hung that hat up after 3. Not interested in the remake of Gears 1. The backwards compatibility announcement is huge though! Hopefully they can get the big publishers behind them.

Fallout 4 stole the show though. Just showing off the character creator, the custom settlements, the ability to mod armor and weapons, and of course the dog, was enough to blow my mind. Plus, with both consoles getting Mod capabilities, the sky is the limit. Throw in the free mobile game to tide me over and I was sold.

Then there is Star Wars, which was a mixed bag. First Battlefront looked amazing, but I weep because there is no way my PC can handle all that. Having it come out a week after Fallout makes me cry, but hey, first world problems am I right? The announcement of yet another stupid Star Wars mobile game makes me incredibly angry. I want big sweeping galactic experiences, not micro transactions on my phone. The new expansion for The Old Republic is great, but damn, I just uninstalled that!! I don't have time for an MMO.

Oh, and a teaser for a new Mass Effect makes me happy, but they should have waited until next year for that.