May 19, 2015

Custom Made Batman Settlers of Catan

So it finally came!! For my fiancée’s birthday I custom made her a one of a kind Batman-themed version of Settlers of Catan which I have dubbed ‘Defenders of Gotham’.

The board assembled in all of it’s glory!! The desert tile is represented by GCPD, with each hex representing a villain from Batman’s famous rogue gallery. Batman is not a player character though, he replaces the function of the Robber, simply because if Batman is in the same territory as a super villain he is cleaning house.

One of the cool things I noticed while looking at card detail of the original Settlers of Catan was that each Knight card was a bit different in the details like the shields, helmets and weapons. So for the Knight replacement of Bat Family I decided to pick 14 members from Batman mythos to play the parts of the Knight.

These are the extra cards that are used to help acquire victory points. Instead of roads we have the Oracle Networks, instead of settlements we have Safe Houses and instead of cities we have Batcaves. The objective of the game is still to be the first to 10 points.

Instead of resources players collect henchmen from combat when the dice are rolled. The five henchmen in order of this photo are Joker, Mr. Freeze, Penguin, Scarecrow and Two-Face.

Here are some shots of the game in action!