Aug 1, 2014

Guardians of the Galaxy Review

My expectations for this film were so high, and even then what James Gunn and Marvel delivered and blew me away. Sure, the overall tone of the film is vastly different from the books it drew the most from, but it is incredibly fun, superbly shot, touching and has amazing action. Plus, a raccoon with a giant laser gun is one of the stars. What more could you want?

Chris Pratt was a questionable choice for Star Lord in my eyes, but he played the lovable goof very well. The breakout star of the film though has got to be Dave Bautista as Drax the Destroyer. An actor who came from the WWE, he easily filled out the physical attributes of the Destroyer, but he was genuine and heartfelt in all of his delivery that he elevated the character beyond a grey tattooed alien muscle head. The only qualm I have, but got over easily, was that Rocket Raccoon had a very angry american accident, and not the British voice implied by the comics.

The plot moves along with a brisk pace, leaving little room for giant exposition dumps, aside from a lengthy spiel from Benicio Del Toro's Collector. The movie revolves around multiple groups chasing an Infinity Stone, the main McGuffin of the film. Thanos is looking to gather all of the McGuffins from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and eventually he will form the ultimate McGuffin, the Infinity Gauntlet, which seems to be the road all of the Marvel Cinematic Universe is converging at.

Visually, this movie has a ton to offer that other movies don't. First and foremost, two of the main characters in the movie are entirely CG creations, and they steal the show from the performances Pratt, Bautista and Saldana give. The action is well thought out and can be easily read, and isn't a cut fest of less than a second visuals that plague other modern action films.

Another amazing breakout part of the film is the soundtrack, which is peppered with hits from the 70s and early 80s. It helps set the tone from the very first frame to the last, and will be sure to influence copycat movies in the next few years as well as the already announced sequel.

This was an entire Marvel movie away from Earth which gave amazing visuals, a great sense of action, an amazing soundtrack and a tear jerking ending. Considering the Guardians were incredibly obscure before this film came out, it shows that Marvel is here to stay, and that anything is in their repertoire. Given the incredibly different tones between films, Marvel can pick and choose their success moving forward. As long as they keep cheering and smiling, I am going to keep giving them money.