May 2, 2014

Amazing Spider-Man 2 Review

People are going to be so damn torn on this movie. I absolutely loved it though. I said it a few years ago with Amazing Spider-Man, Garfield is a far superior Spider-Man than Maguire ever was. He rides the line of 'not sure but still confident' incredibly well, and his chemistry with Emma Stone is the highlight of the film. He isn't dopey and can actually, you know, act.

The most under utilized person in this film is by far Dane Dehaan, because every single scene he is in is absolute gold. He is incredibly believable as Harry Osborn and in a few years will definitely be up for Oscar's if he plays his cards right. Jamie Foxx nails Electro, and the character sings off the screen, mostly due to the harrowing soundtrack paired with his screen time. During the film I was constantly turning my head around to see who was talking through the movie before I realized it was part of the soundtrack, which added a ton of texture to a rather ho-hum character.

Is it considered a spoiler if it happened in the comics years ago? Cause seeing Gwen Stacey finally kick the bucket on screen was absolutely gut wrenching and amazing to watch unfold. Because of Stone and Garfield's natural chemistry you feel the depth of loss when it finally happens, even if it did feel tacked on to the back half of the 3rd act.

The ending though. It pulls at my heartstrings. Peter is about resilience more than anything, and when he steps up at the end, ready to get back at it after being shocked from Gwen's death... That is the ultimate definition of heroism.

Was the execution of the film sloppy? Absolutely. Is it going to be everyone's favorite? No way. But it is in my eyes the definitive version of Spider-Man.