Apr 5, 2014

Captain America: The Winter Soldier Review

I am so aboard the Captain America hype train. Hell I might even root for him against Iron Man if Marvel ever gets around to Civil War, but only if it is Evans and Downey, Jr.. The best part about this movie though was the steal of the show that a local theater was hosting. I paid $15 for a 3D Double Feature with Captain America followed by Winter Soldier. So it was an amazing night of patriotism, and we even came home with a poster.

First off, when The Winter Soldier was announced as the title for Captain America 2 I was pretty angry about it, because I didn't think that they should jump on the 'Bring Bucky back!' train so fast. It took several decades before Bucky coming back into the comics happened, so to rush him into a second film felt kind of cheap to me. Luckily, the film pulled it off incredibly well, and even threw in a very awesome surprise in the middle of the second act.

Arnim fricken Zola. That is really all I have to say. I have come to enjoy Cap's Rogue gallery a lot over the years, mostly due to the absolutely fantastic writing of Ed Brubaker. The film was absolutely in the vein of the Brubaker run on Cap, with a couple minor qualms. It plays like an awesome American version of James Bond you never knew you wanted. The action is tight, there is a giant looming threat that has to be stopped, and there is an amazing cast.

The directors, Joe and Anthony Russo, hail from the distant land of television, and this was their first shot at directing a big budget blockbuster, and they absolutely nailed it. Their most recognizable work outside of this soon to be action classic, is the first few Paintball episodes of Community. The action here is incredibly well read, and the stunt work is incredible.

All of the actors excel in their roles, but two immediately stood out. Anthony Mackie as the Falcon, and Robert Redford as Alexander Pierce. Redford is no stranger to great acting, and he really helps set the tone as a SHIELD turncoat. Mackie elevates every scene he is in and helps bring the laughs without breaking tone or character. He is literally the every man, and his line at the end of the movie solidifies him as Falcon for me "I do everything he does, just slower.' After the ho-hum average outing of Thor: The Dark World I am glad to see Marvel hasn't lost their touch. Hopefully the revelations about Hydra in this movie are going to shake up Agents of SHIELD, because while their TV show is very average and fun, Marvel still knows how to strike gold in the cinemas.