Feb 15, 2014

An amazing Valentines Day

Last night I got to partake in one of my favorite guilty pleasures with the woman of my life, An Alamo Drafthouse feast. For those who don't know a feast is where you pay a single premium price and get a four course meal, usually with a beer or wine paring for each course, and get to watch an amazing film. This year was the amazing well done romantic classic, Casablanca, and it was paired with amazing Moroccan food. As a bonus treat, the film was donated by a collector and was actually presented in 35mm.

The food was amazing too, the Chicken Tagine and the Salad standing out the most. The wine pairings were great as well, but it was a lot to drink in a very short amount of time, so I barely touched the fourth glass. It was all over so quick because of the short run time of the film, but it was so delicious. Hopefully next year the menu and the film is just as amazing, and Caitlin and I can continue to make this a favorite tradition.