Oct 10, 2013


Holy. Crap. Gravity is probably the best movie I have ever seen in my entire life. Believe the critics, they are right. The cinematography favors incredibly long shots, especially in the first act, and the sound design is spot on. I very much enjoyed Alfonso Cuarón's Children of Men, so I knew he was a very talented film maker, but this movie completely blows everything else out of the water. Spoilers below.

IMAX is the absolute only way to see this movie too. It is an experience in amazing story telling with stellar visuals. It follows the story of Dr. Ryan Stone, played amazingly by Sandra Bullock, as she is trapped in space with no vessel to return to after a freak meteor storm obliterates everything in its path including the Hubble Telescope. While she is not an actual astronaut, Matt Kowlski is. As the single two survivors of the storm, they try to figure a way back home to Earth. Shortly after Kowlski sacrifices himself to an ice-y death, Dr. Stone has to shuttle hop her way to safety back on Earth.

Despite his sacrifice, I think the incredibly limited cast of two people throughout the entire film is one of the strongest, if not strongest story telling weapon in Cuarón's arsenal. It really helps strengthen the themes of isolation and self reliance, but anyone could tell you that. Bullock brings Dr. Stone to life in what seems to be an effortless performance, and that in turn makes the characters struggle and eventual determination that much more palpable. She is locked in for an Oscar I am sure.

I have never hyperventilated so much during a film. At one point Caitlin reached over for me to grab my hand and I was so entranced by what I was watching that I immediately pushed her away (Sorry hun!). This movie just got it's hooks into me and didn't let go. I cannot recommend it enough, and am having problems putting it all into words. Do yourself a favor, drive to the nearest IMAX, throw down $20 for a ticket, and be prepared to have your mind blown.