Jul 21, 2013

Batman & Superman, why this movie is a terrible idea

This afternoon in an packed Hall H (which let's be honest, isn't a shock, Hall H is always packed) Zack Synder announced that the next Man of Steel movie would feature none other than the Caped Crusader himself, Batman.

Warner Brothers obviously wants to follow on the coat tales of The Avengers and deliver a super sized super hero experience. But instead of actually taking a risk, DC and Warner Brothers are playing it safe by sticking their two biggest guns in the same movie.

Financially, I understand the lack of risk. Batman is a proven franchise, Superman is a proven franchise. But the ultimate joy from the Avengers comes from the fact that ten years ago Iron Man was an underdog to Wolverine, The X-Men and Spider-Man. Now The Avengers are the top dog. The status quo for Marvel has completely flipped. Meanwhile DC is just continuing to tread the same ground we have already been over.

Sadly this movie being pushed so soon means it will probably be quite the wait for any Ring-slinging, Amazonian butt kicking and Atlantien ego to grace the silver screen.

There are two things I am most looking forward to in this duo film, but as of this time it is just some silver lining. First and foremost at least we won't have to go over an entire film of Batman: Origins: Again. Instead it will probably be limited to a flashback. Hopefully it is an already established Batman instead of a young gun Bruce Wayne. I always liked the idea of Bruce playing mentor to Clark, so lets hope it doesn't get reversed.

Second off, this is obviously going to be a global story, probably bouncing between Metropolis and Gotham. Scope is always a good thing to have and I think it will allow for some great differences in texture, from the dark and gritty allies to the gorgeous glass skyscrapers. It would be nice to see Batman in proper lighting for once...

I also wonder if the oft mentioned Justice League Dark movie will play a part at all. That would be pretty cool, even if it is just a glorified easter egg.

Other than that I am not to thrilled. Groyer better deliver a script high above the quality of Man of Steel that's for sure. And while I love Synder's previous work, Watchmen most notably, he really needs to find his cinematic voice outside of adaptations, and I am not sure this is the vessel to do that with. I really hope he can squeeze something out in between now and then, but I doubt it with how much that man loves his CG work.

I was really looking forward to Man of Steel, simply because I wanted to believe in Superman again, but it fell flat for me. I would love for this to be the movie that sells me on a modern Superman, but I don't believe Batman is the way to do it. Honestly, it just feels like a backwards step. Why do we need Batman to make Superman relevant?