Jan 2, 2013

Pull List! 1/2/13

Comic pull this week was pretty small, but that's okay with me. Today my pull consisted of All New X-Men #5, Iron Man Vol. 5 #5, New Avengers Vol. 3 #1, and Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #19. The best out of the bunch this week is certainly All New X-Men, simply because it wraps up the first arc of the new series quite well, but leaves some nice room for everything to grow.

Now that the original X-Men have decided to take up a permanent residency in 2013, it looks like we will finally get to see a battle only mirror matches in fighting games have foretold, Cyclops versus Cyclops. As cool as that sounds I am more interested in the re-introduction of Jean Grey in a more naive role. Plus, what is better than one Beast? How about two? Can't wait to see what Bendis brings to the mutant table.

Iron Man also finished up Gillen's first arc with the armored avenger with a nice nod to what the future will bring for the character, although the ending did seem to be the exact same as Fraction's end of Invincible Iron Man, with Tony Stark taking off into space in a self imposed trip of hopeful enlightenment. I do have a feeling though we will see Stark back on Earth sooner rather than later thanks to the conclusion of the film trilogy. A cool twist would be the implementation of a new artificial intelligence for Iron Man.

While both New Avengers and Ultimate Comics Spider-Man delivered in depth character development for a long forgotten Avenger and Miles Morales, both of these issues did nothing by remind me how much I hate the start of an arc. The first issue generally just plays set up and is intrinsically boring. While I am excited to see more of Black Panther the issue itself was just a big tease of things to come, but it didn't really solidify a threat or a reasoning Black Panther would summon the Illuminati to Wakanda. And while it is awesome to see Jameson stick up for Miles in a round about way I would have much preferred a more action based focus, especially given the visceral imagery provided by the cover.

All in all a pretty slow week for my comic choices, but that is okay. It is of course the first week of the year.

Superior Spider-Man #1
Green Lantern New Guardians Annual #1