Jul 2, 2012

Colorado State Fires

So in case you are oblivious to world news, my entire state has been literally burning for the past month or so. It really hit close to home when my childhood neighborhood had to be evacuated on Tuesday, Jun 26th.

I ended up volunteering though out the remainder of the week with the Colorado Red Cross and the Salvation Army to help support firefighters and evacuees through this troubled time. I just really wish that we could keep this sentiment and support going without the aid of a tragedy such as this. As of this writing there have been a loss of 346 homes and 2 deaths. While I can sit and type all I want, the fire is still only contained to 55% and is rapidly moving towards homes in Teller County, on the other side of the mountains from Colorado Springs.

There are also fires raging outside of residents homes in Fort Collins and Boulder as well. This is a trying summer for the entire state.

All I am asking is that if you can, please go to the Red Cross and donate any amount you can.

Thank you.