Jun 29, 2012

What Kind of Gamer are You?

Recently I have found out a deep dark secret about myself. I have no clue what kind of gamer I am (Other than just 'gamer' of course). Some gamers are strictly one console players, some stick to handhelds, some are iOS freaks. So I started wondering about what kind of gamer category I fit into. Here are the few types of gaming stereotypes that I relate to.

The 360 Gamer
I honestly don't know if these gamer's exist any more. Most of the time when I log on to Xbox Live most of my friends are caught up watching stuff on Netflix or Hulu Plus. Not that there is anything wrong with that at all. But it just really doesn't relate to gaming at all. One thing I love is unified achievements and the ability to compare earned ones to friends. It really creates a sense of community and allows you to discuss games you love with other people that love those games to. Despite the immaturity of most users, Xbox Live provides a huge amount of entertainment for subscribers, which is great because games are better when played together!

The Steam Hoarder
Valve owns the digital-distribution market on PC's, no questions asked. The PC juggernaut founded by a mute with nothing but a crow bar sets the standard for PC gaming communities. It also puts a ton of stuff on sale for ridiculously low prices, encouraging people to dive into a wealthy backlog. Not to mention all the free to play offerings such as Team Fortress 2, Super Monday Night Combat and more. In fact the only big PC exclusive games that aren't from Steam are from Blizzard Entertainment and Riot Games. The community is great, and with the wealth of added features showing up such as the community modification system dubbed Steam Workshop, this is the place to be for PC gamers. I do cheat a bit though. I like to play games with controllers, and there are a wealth of games on Steam the support wired 360 pads. Shh don't tell.

The Blizzard Faithful
While Battle.net hasn't taken off as much as Steam has, Blizzard still dominates the retail side of PC gaming with its three franchise punch of doom: World of Warcraft, Starcraft and Diablo. While some people say Warcraft is on its way out of the spotlight, 10 million people is a tough case to argue against. Throw in the stunning competitive e-sport that is Starcraft and the rapid fire clicks of Diablo and you have many nights of gaming ahead of you.

Mobile Junkie
The only thing I really hate about mobile gaming as a whole is the 'race to the bottom' economics it encourages. That one caveat aside though, there are some really addictive simple pick up and play games out there for everyone to enjoy because the barrier of entry is simply having a phone. Angry Birds is played by millions, Jetpack Joyride makes a ton of money, Temple Run developers were contacted by Disney to make a game. Aside from a few platform exclusives, such as Infinity Blade, mobile gaming is great not matter what device you are playing on. And with the advent of having an account with the game company in full force, cloud based saves and recoveries are possible, and yes it is awesome as you thought it would be.

So how do I envision myself in the world of gamers (where labels only truly matter to board members and investors honestly. This blog post is mostly for peace of mind.)? I call myself a hybrid gamer. I try to play everything I possibly can, just so I can figure out if I like it or not. After all, you cannot form your own opinion unless you try to product at hand.