May 30, 2012

30 Days of Marvel Final Recap

Well I did it! Below is the full Recap of the 30 Days of Marvel Blogging Challenge!

Day 1, Favorite Character: Iron Man
Day 2, Favorite Villain: Dr. Doom
Day 3, Favorite Diva: Emma Frost
Day 4, Favorite Noble: Ororo Munroe
Day 5, Favorite Team: Young Avengers
Day 6, Favorite Organization: A.I.M.
Day 7, Favorite Creature: Krakoa
Day 8, Favorite Film: The Avengers
Day 9, Favorite Classic Character: Henry Pym
Day 10, Favorite Costume: Hulk-buster Armor
Day 11, Favorite Power: Magnetism from Magneto
Day 12, Favorite Weapon: Mjolnir
Day 13, Least Favorite Character: Bucky Barnes
Day 14, Favorite Romance: Hawkeye and Spider-Woman
Day 15, Best Rivalry: Captain America and Iron Man
Day 16, Most Powerful Character: Red Hulk with The Spirit of Vengeance and the Venom Symbiote
Day 17, Favorite God: Ares, the God of War
Day 18, Favorite Comic to Screen Character Adaption: Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark/Iron Man
Day 19, Least Favorite Comic to Screen Adaption: Fantastic Four
Day 20, My Best Casting of a Character: Zachery Levi as the Human Torch
Day 21, Favorite Death: She-Hulk kills Vision
Day 22, Favorite Universe: House of M
Day 23, Best Form of Transportation: Quinjet
Day 24, Favorite Cartoon Adaption: X-Men
Day 25, Favorite Video Game: Ultimate Marvel VS Capcom 3
Day 26, Favorite Elementalist: The Thing
Day 27, Favorite Non-Human Race: Skrulls
Day 28, Favorite Comic Time Period: Modern
Day 29, Favorite Series to Suggest: Avengers: The Children's Crusade
Day 30, Favorite Marvel Event: Civil War