May 5, 2012

30 Days of Marvel, Day 5: Favorite Team

I absolutely love the Young Avengers. It is such a fun concept to play with. All of the characters are 'related' to a previous Avenger in some way shape or form so the quest for discovery as to who they are children of is always a fun way to see the Marvel Universe.

The seven main members are:

          • The Vision, albeit with no memory from before he was killed by She-Hulk, thus making him a 'child'.
      • Stature, the daughter of the deceased Ant-Man Scott Lang.
      • Patriot, whose ancestry carries the mark of the Super Soldier Program.
      • Hulkling, the shape shifting son of the Skrull Princess Arnell and Captain Marvel.
      • Kate Bishop, also known as Hawkeye, who like the traditional Hawkeye has no powers what so ever but is extremely skilled in combat, especially with a bow.
      • Wiccan, who is the spiritual son to the Scarlet Witch. Extremely awesome spell caster.
      • Speed, Wiccan's lost brother, also the spiritual son to the Scarlet Witch, but posses the power of her brother, Quicksilver.
The group was originally founded by a hero calling himself Iron Lad, who later revealed his true identity as Kang the Conquer, before he becomes Kang. He traveled back in time to train the Young Avengers to defeat himself in the future. Time travel does wonky things in comics.

The best part about this team is the carefree nature of it all, with all of the big heroes telling them off most of the time just to have the Young Avengers not care and join the battle anyway, simply because they cannot stop being heroes. It seems to be a very realistic approach for any young person who wants to do whats right, simply because it is the right thing to do.