May 2, 2012

30 Days of Marvel, Day 2: Favorite Villain

Victor von Doom. The genius, the warlock, the king.

Talking about Dr. Doom is always really difficult because of the negative stigma on the character from the crappy Fantastic Four movies. In the films he is an amphibious bad guy who isn't really defined with motives or purpose other than giving the Fantastic Four someone to beat up on. The Doc is so much more than that though.

In the comics Dr. Doom is a gypsy who has gained his power by mastering both science and magic, a far cry from what mainstream audiences know as "Dr. Doom". His magical powers come from time travel and learning spells from none other than Morgan le Fay herself. Yeap, the same Morgan le Fay from Arthurian legend. He also took a couple lessons from Dr. Strange when he was on his quest to revive his mother who was killed by Mephisto.

On top of being a scientific genius and a powerful magical force to be reckoned with, Doom is also the King of a fictional country called Latveria. Because of this power in government, Doom can use side step rules to protect himself from heroes, such as diplomatic immunity and other such goodies. His claim to fame with technology is constructing a race of robots that can imitate anyone dubbed 'Doombots'.

I like him because he has it all, and yet still manages to get defeated time and time again, mostly by the Fantastic Four. It shows that no matter how much we as humans invest in things such as science or government, or magic if it were available, we still have to abide by human law. And that is a comforting thought, even if it is a message delivered by a super villain.