May 15, 2012

30 Days of Marvel, Day 15: Best Rivalry

Captain America versus Iron Man. These two have been going back and forth for years, all culminating in the 2004 mega event Civil War. Tony Stark was Pro-Super Human Registration, Captain America was against it, and the battles were awesome.

These two have a deep respect for each other fostered from years of service together. But when they disagree,  boy do they disagree. These two have their own opinions at heart, but it ultimately comes down to futurism versus traditionalism. The battles and arguments don't represent Captain America versus Iron Man, but are really about a battle of ideals, which always brings about the best writing. Because of this, I find myself being unpredictable as to who I 'side' with. When I first read Civil War I though Captain America was holding up the perfect ideal. The second time though I found myself taking Iron Man's side of the argument. Subsequent readings show my true flip flop nature on the issue, and the series has been over and done with for years now. Truly a testament to great writing.