May 11, 2012

30 Days of Marvel, Day 11: Favorite Power

The ability to manipulate magnetism. Magneto may be a back and forth hero, but his power still stands as one of the coolest powers in the Marvel Universe, especially when he starts to tap into the powers potential.

Recently in Avengers VS X-Men: Versus #1, Magneto faced off against Tony Stark, and what started as a little spat of building throwing and repulsor blasts turned into who could harness the most magnetic energy from the cosmos. Tony Stark threw the first salvo, grabbing magnetic engergies from Jupiter via satellite and slamming them into Magneto.

The proper response of course was for Magneto to push his powers to the limit. grabbing magnetism from distant stars and galaxies. When Magneto accidentally brushed his mind against the magnetic field of the Phoenix Force the raw power stunned him into a stupor, giving Iron Man the time to turn the tables in his favor and return to Earth from the upper atmosphere. Magneto was last seen drifting through space whispering hysteria aside from one key theme: Find the Scarlet Witch.