Feb 25, 2012

Galaxy Fest Day 1

I need to fight my urges to say Galaxy Quest when I am talking about the local science fiction and fantasy convention held this weekend in Colorado Springs. Although I did see a Galaxy Quest Cosplayer yesterday, which was by far the biggest surprise.

Working a convention is a drastically different beast then attending one. Behind the scenes is nothing but pure chaos. Meetings and badges and rules and laws. It is a beast. I fully respect anyone with the depleted sanity to decide to run one. That being said, the Colorado Literary Organization is holding their own, despite this being their first year. Everyone is in constant communication with one another to make this beast run smooth as possible.

Seeing all the vendors is definitely the high point. Pushing giant carts of unknown goods into their small spaces with constant fever of organization and perfect placement of all things nerd makes me feel like I am at home.

Everyone here also seems to be extremely friendly, even the fearful 501st, aka Vader's Fist, which is a drastic change of pace compared to the hostility I have been exposed to at other conventions. There is no pushing, no shoving and an excess of smiles. Everyone here is having FUN and doesn't mind bringing other people along for the ride.

I wonder what awesome adventures day 2 will bring!