Feb 28, 2012

And thus: Cons

As you know this weekend I attended my first Con of the year, Galaxy Fest. And I see it becoming an addiction. I have already purchased tickets for both Starfest in Denver in April and Denver Comic-Con in June. I am also in the works of making New York Comic Con happen in October.

I had attended BlizzCon quite a few times, but now I see how ridiculously focused it was. BlizzCon was a very expensive weekend of marketing in which I would contribute to just by showing up. And for what? To give Blizzard Entertainment more money on top of the thousands it makes a month in World of Warcraft subscriptions? I feel ashamed at time to know how much of my money they have. These general non-defined cons are way cooler than anything a single focused con could have. Plus, my money is generally going towards a noble cause, aside from money I spend on vendor merchandise exclusively.

And the cosplay. Oh the cosplay. While I had a passing interest in it before, after meeting and talking to many cosplayers this weekend I am fully absorbed and looking into making some stuff of my own. For Starfest I plan on three cosplays: My Tony Stark halloween cosplay (updated of course), Loki from the Avengers, and a third cosplay that I am keeping a secret. Plus all of the partying and meeting new people who aren't afraid of fellow nerds.

It is safe to say I found a place I can finally be myself without feeling awkward or instantly put on the defensive. Bring on the Cons of the year! I am ready to nerd out!