Jan 23, 2012

Spies Like Us

     Hank Jacobs finally sat down in his seat. According to his watch, which was perfectly synchronized to the atomic clock, and the time tables of the train generously provided by the Blake Corporation meant that he had exactly three minutes to himself before they would pass through the tunnel. Once that happened, he would be exiting the train one hundred and fifty seconds, hopefully with the stolen nuclear codes that were currently in possession of a Ukrainian terrorist group.
     The stewardess came by and placed a glass in front of Evan and winked.
     Damn it Haley, don't give us away.

     "Thank you miss..." The two of them had chemistry for sure, but the persona's they were currently embedding had never met. Hank didn't know exactly how Haley felt about him, but he always had set her on a pedestal. She was always lighthearted and flirty with him, but there was always someone else in the way. Right now she was seeing a guy named Patrick in DC. He was okay, but Hank always felt like he was being overshadowed by him.
     Haley moved on, delivering more drinks to the various people in the cabin as Hank checked his watch again. Two minutes.
     "How we doing Simon?"
     The ear piece buzzed to life. Simon was the tech wizard of the team. He was in the helicopter at the other end of the tunnel, ready for transmission of the stolen files. The codes to arm the warheads were copied, but the Ukrainian government had verified that the only copy of the codes had been protected with the utmost security, and thus were never stolen. The deal cut with S.I.N.S., The Surveillance and Intelligence for National Security, was that if Hank's team could present the stolen codes, the Ukraine would disable the codes and issue new ones. Of course the Ukrainians were keep their eyes on their nukes, but the government didn't take risks. The codes would be compromised and disabled.
     "So far so good. Christine placed the bug last night. I saw him get on the train this morning."
     Christine was the second female in the team. While Haley was deadly and unforgiving, Christine was the ground to reality. She had posed as a heiress with a wealthy donation from an East Coast shell company to promote a new oil pipeline going through the former USSR. Of course the terrorist group was present, and Christine had flirted her way into the courier's bed, planting a tracing device in his shoe late at night. The very same device that Simon was tracking now.
     Haley walked past Hank yet again, refilling his empty beverage. She leaned closer than she should have and whispered into his ear.
     "You are all clear, hun. He is in the fourth suite." She walked off, resuming her cover.
     Hank checked his watch again. One minute. He stood up and headed to the bathroom, his side arm hidden under his jacket. He opened the bathroom door, took off his jacket and patiently counted down. His watched beep, signalling they were inside the tunnel.
     The cold steel of the firearm pressed against his hand as he drew it and stepped out into the trains main walkway. He headed straight for the fourth suite. He gently knocked on the door and as he heard the security detail touch the door handle he kicked the door in. The action caught the patrons inside off guard as four muzzled flashes lit the room, the silencer killing the sound from unsuspecting ears.
     Hank shoved the bodies off the seats and shut the door behind him. Fumbling with the combination lock on briefcase was taking a little to long. Two more shots rang out as the briefcase was blasted open. Hank grabbed the camera in his pocket and took pictures of the documents in question. As he moved out of the suite he slipped the "Do Not Disturb" sign on the door.
     Hank bumped into Haley on his way back. He whispered a soft 'mission accomplished' into her ear as he passed as he set up his computer at his seat. She just grinned.
     The train blew out of the tunnel as the S.I.N.S. helicopter roared overhead. Christine was flying, not recognizable at all compared to her skimpy guise from the previous night.
     "Connection established..." The green light on his camera blinked as a progress bar on the screen flashed.
     They had done it. The mission was complete. Hank reached up and pressed his call stewardess button. Haley showed up moments later with a puzzled look on her face.
     "Miss, thank you so much for your service. I was wondering if we could go out to dinner once we arrive at our destination."
     "Oh god, gag me." Christine chirped in over the radio. A smile grew across both Haley and Hank's faces as the train pressed forward.