Oct 24, 2011

Of Dice and Dragons... and WoW?

As most of you probably already know Sunday is the night my Dungeons and Dragons group gets together to converse, hang out, roll dice and potentially drink, with plenty of tangents in between. Last night our DM threw us through a tower of riddles, combats and a maze. It was Dungeons and Dragons at its finest. But there was a 'final boss' in our way.

Curator from World of Warcraft. Now, it wasn't Curator exactly. For one thing, our group level is only level 7, thus the 448635 HP he has in World of Warcraft had to be toned down and modified a bit. So instead, our DM gave him Damage Reduction 10 and around 100 HP.

The mechanics from the fight itself also had to be switched around. Since we are playing in 3.5 Edition Rules of Dungeons and Dragons there is no 'threat' or 'aggro', so there was no 'second tank' for the hateful bolts. Instead we got two sparks that shot out into the room dealing 2d6 damage to any , and then traveled back to the body. Once the sparks both got absorbed everyone took an Area of Effect blast (all of these abilities were of course Reflex for half).

It was really refreshing to see something I had run countless times presented in a new light, and it got me thinking about other video game bosses that would translate well in the d20 system with 3.5 Rules. I am going to come up with a list of awesome video game baddies and translate them in monsters for anyone to use! Stay tuned!