Sep 7, 2011

Next Weeks Pull

Comics have become a new obsession of mine. While I read at least 30 a week from my Marvel Digital Subscription, mostly the old stuff from the Golden Era, I am also keeping up with the modern stuff. I have a physical subscription to The Invincible Iron Man and have started dipping into stuff that has always interested me. And of course this is right when DC decides to reboot their entire universe and when Marvel decides to reboot Ultimate Spider-Man. It also doesn't help that I haven't been to the comic book store in three weeks because of its location. I am not driving all the way downtown, about a 30 minute drive, every week to pick up a single issue. This has caused me to build quite of a backlog, so here is what is on my pull list next week:

- Justice League #1
- Action Comics #1
- Superboy #1
- Detective Comics #1
- Green Lantern #1

- Ultimate Spider-Man #1
- Fear Itself #6
- Captain America #3

This is my token of good faith to DC. I have always preferred Marvel in every way, from story telling, to characterization to plot to art. Part of this comes from never reading a DC Comic when I was growing up, because to me Batman wasn't a comic book. It was an animated TV series and a few live action movies. Superman wasn't sketches in comic panels, he was Christopher Reeve. I actually got to see Superman 1 for the first time in a theater with my summer camp, so he will forever be cemented in my mind as a movie character. It also didn't help that I didn't care for the DC continuity much due to the enormous amounts of spin-offs, and cared more about their graphics novels such as Superman Red Son, The Long Halloween, etc. But DC wants to pull in new fans with the 52 relaunch. So, here I am, taking the leap. I hope I don't get disappointed.

These are just new issues too. If I have more funding by then, who knows what sort of back issues I will delve into, let alone trade paper back compilations. Especially that run of Invincible Iron Man I am missing in the story, from the earliest issue published on Marvel Digital and from when I started getting physical issues, Issues #30 to #503 for those wondering (NOTE: That is only 8 issues. They started getting renumbers at Invincible Iron Man '34' which was Iron Man's 500th issue). All in all, I have a lot to catch up on, and can't wait to get downtown to the comic shop next Wednesday!