Sep 3, 2011

The DVD Secession

Well, it finally happened. I caved. I now own a Blu-Ray Player. And there are some things I love, and some things I really hate.

First things first, menus are smooth with no transition period between clicking okay and the next menu. Text is also extremely smooth as well, and easy to read even from a distance. The one downside I noticed was it seems that the Blu-Rays tend to skew towards the low frequency of the sound spectrum compared to DVD versions, although this could just be the Tron: Legacy soundtrack and ambiance rearing its full head.

While I currently only have 2 Blu-Rays in my ever growing collection, Sucker Punch and Tron: Legacy, I will be putting it through it's paces soon enough, as I am planning on getting Thor on Blu-Ray as well as the three already released Avengers flicks. I can't say that I am willing to make the investment into Blu-Rays of television shows, but for movies with a high fidelity visual style, I think Blu-Ray is a good investment if you have the hardware to fully take advantage of the technology. But if you are still watching a Blu-Ray using red-white-yellow cords, you are missing out on a ton of detail.