Sep 14, 2011


Well, I have finally done it. I have cut the cord to Azeroth, and I have an inkling that I won't be coming back anytime soon. For my grand finale I decided to get my max level characters awesome looking sets. For my Warlock, I farmed an entire set of Tier 1 armor, giving him the iconic demonic horns. The Death Knight was kind of tricky, because they haven't been around as long as the other classes, so I opted for actually farming an off colored Paladin Tier 2 set, with the idea that he would be a personal assassin for the Banshee Queen, hence him wielding the most katana like looking weapon I could find. My paladin is an anomaly for me, even to this day. I always hated, and do continue to hate, the fact that Blizzard dumped the Blood Elves on the Horde, let alone shoe horned Paladins into their lore. To me, Shamans are Horde, Paladins are Alliance. But, I really liked their healing model in Wrath of the Lich King, being that I had ridiculously big heals. So I just sucked it up, because I wanted to play with all my friends I had made on my Warlock. So I just went with the blue and gold PvP set with the most ornate looking shield and a rapier with the idea that he was a paladin driven by honor and the rules of engagement. My shaman, who originally started out as an Orc, was just my draw to controlling the elements. While the shield I settled on doesn't really fit, I like the uniformity of the greens, and the occasional ghostly Shoveltusks that show up out of the shoulders gives him a really ethereal feel.

All in all, I am not ashamed of the time put into World of Warcraft. I made some great friends whom I never met, but still talk to on a regular basis, and had a great time working together as a team through most of Burning Crusades raid content and a fair majority of Wrath of the Lich Kings raid content. Even though these characters are all on Area 52 and are a part of a different guild, my happiest memories of screaming over vent because of an awesome boss kill will always come from Shadow Psions.