Sep 17, 2011

The Avenger's Video Game

Holy crap does this look good. While this is very early footage, of a possibly cancelled game, the concept to me seems very awesome, and not just because I am an Avenger's fan, but because I am a gaming fan.

From the looks of the video, you get things like experience and combo's. This looks to me like a mixture of Borderlands and Bulletstorm, and I am certainty intrigued. Iron Man looks like he plays as more of a super ranged type character, where as hulk looks to have a bigger life bar than the other Avengers and has some killer melee combos. Captain America looks like he plays like he was ripped straight out of Mirror's Edge, albeit armed with his classic throwing shield. The only one we don't get a really good look at is Thor, but given the variety of Hulk Captain America and Iron Man, I feel that this would make one hell of a co-op experience, especially with the look of the Bulletstorm style scoring system.

I could envision Captain America knocking an opponent up in the air, only to be caught by Hulk and thrown to the ground as Iron Man unibeams the target while Thor charges into the melee fray to smash the Skrull's head in with Mjolnir, result in a 4x Team Combo for a boat load of points or experience. That would be Co-Op Synergy at it's finest, and I would kill to play it. Please Marvel.... keep this game alive some how...