Jun 29, 2011

Why I hate Blu-Ray

DISCLAIMER: I don't own a Blu-Ray player.

I really don't understand the craze of Blu-Ray. First things first, I don't feel like replacing all of my DVDs with Blu-Ray's, as my collection is pretty extensive and the last thing I want to do is hunt down every single one of these films on another format. I also have an upscaling DVD player that scales most films to an almost 720p. I can see some tearing on my TV if I am really looking for it, but that is only if I am really looking for it.

The big issue though is that I don't feel every film justifies a high-definition transfer. Mostly drama films, or other films that aren't driven by high octane visuals. Owning something like Tron: Legacy on Blu-Ray makes since, simply because the visuals are what drive the story of the film. Plus a fair amount of the work is done via computer generated graphics, which are all rendered in high definition anyway. Furthermore it seems pretty pointless to purchase something claiming to be in high definition when the original film wasn't created in high definition.

My other gripe with Blu-Ray comes down to content. On Tuesday I purchased the Sucker Punch Blu-Ray, my second Blu-Ray purchase, so I could get the digital copy. While I currently do not own a Blu-Ray player, I plan on eventually getting one. (This will hopefully be via a computer drive simply for the amount of storage available on the disc, not for the high definition films.) So I figured for an extra five bucks I could get the Blu-Ray combo pack with the DVD that I could enjoy until I get my eventual Blu-Ray player and the Digital Copy that I wanted. Plus, this was the 'premier edition' of the film that included all of the bonus content from the DVD version. But oh wait... That was all on the Blu-Ray disc that I cannot watch.

The same thing happened to me with the Tron: Legacy Blu-Ray. All of the bonus content that was described on the back of the packaging is only on the Blu-Ray disc, and not on the DVD. While I understand the idea of not wanting to double dip on the content, do we really need bonus features only in High Definition? I realize that I am missing out on content simply because I refuse to adapt, but should that really control who gets what content? I wouldn't mind but there is no way I can watch that content period. The DVD bonus features of Tron: Legacy don't even include "The Next Day" short, which is pretty much a setup for another film. And Disney's strong arm of their content on YouTube makes it very hard to watch the short for people who don't have access to a Blu-Ray player.

Just because I purchase something on DVD doesn't mean I am less of a fan. And I am not trying to short change the studio out of their deserved money. I just don't want to be treated like a lesser citizen of film because I don't see the need in a blu-ray device.