Jun 17, 2011

Green Lantern Review and Fixings!

Positives +
  • Mark Strong as Sinestro
  • Better than Spider-Man 3, X-Men 3, Wolverine Origins
Negatives -
  • Ryan Reynolds can do snark but nothing else
  • Convoluted plot
  • Too many special effects
  • Character’s didn’t resonate

Instead of talking about how much I hated the special effects and flat acting I am going to take a different approach to this review. I am going to write about how I would fix the convoluted plot. The following is the basic plot of the movie and all of my changes are in green text, to keep with the spirit of the movie. Everything not green past this point is considered a spoiler!

The basic premise of the movie is pretty sound, the Lantern Corps is powered by the green energy of will and the enemy is powered by the yellow energy of fear. The movie opens with three un-named Lanterns dying by having their fear absorbed by Parallax. Parallax then sets out to kill his captor, Abin Sur. Abin Sur narrowly escapes and flee's to earth to find a new Green Lantern to take his place. There is a small shard of Parallax lodged into his chest.

Meanwhile on Earth we meet our hero Hal Jordan is introduced as a cocksure pilot who is testing robot planes driven by artificial intelligence for his once-but-no-longer girlfriend Carol Ferris. The two share a complicated history, as they grew up together. The testing continues with Hal Jordan beating the two robot planes that were designed to be 'impossible to beat' by Ferris Aircraft master engineer Hector Hammond, who is currently dating Carol Ferris. Jordan narrowly ejects from his stalling aircraft, as he was fearful of dying in a plane wreck like his father. Ferris Aircraft looses their contract to make drones for the Air Force.

Abin Sur crash lands on Earth and his power ring summons Hal Jordan to the crash site. As he is being taken to the crash site by the power of the power ring, Hector Hammond sees him and follows him in a rage because it was Hal's fault Ferris lost the contract. Hal arrives and takes the ring and the companion lantern and heads home as he hears a car approaching. Hector Hammond gets out of the car and see's the fallen body of Abin Sur with a hole in his chest inside his spaceship. Excited to see how Alien technology could improve his robot drone design, he comes back with a tow truck to extract the ship, the body of Abin Sur inside.

Hal gets home with the lantern and struggles with the 'Oath' Abin Sur spoke to him about. When the ring accidentally strikes the lantern itself it recharges and Hal starts reciting the oath. Upon completion of the oath, Hal is basked in Green energy and is transported to Oa, where he learns of the Green Lantern Corps. He meets Sinestro, Kilowog and Tomar-Re, other Lantern's that defend other sector's of the universe. Kilowog trains Hal for a while, but then Sinestro steps in to take over, telling him he must conquer his fear before he can truly harness the power of will. Sinestro pesters Hal to show him his true fear. Hal materializes an all green version of his father in his last moments before his plane crash. Sinestro tries his best to console Hal on his lost, but Hal doesn't listen and says he doesn't have what it takes to be a Lantern. He returns to Earth.

On Earth, Hammond is trying his best to incorporate Abin Sur's technology into his drones. He becomes obsessed with making the drones able to defeat Jordan in combat. While he is developing the new drones, he is under the psychic influence of a small shard of Parallax that is still lodged inside Abin Sur's body. Carol Ferris tells Hammond that he is getting lost in his work and it is unhealthy. She goes drinking and finds Hal at the bar as well. They discuss the effects of Hal's father's death on him. She comments on how even though he is gone, she see's all of the good things Hal's father had in him. Hector comes to the bar and see's the two hugging. Instantly frustrated he heads back to the lab, the voice of Parallax still ringing inside his head. Hammond finds the shard of Parallax and touches it, accelerating his brain evolution and granting him telekentics and psychic powers. He uses these powers to perfect the drones. Hal and Carol go home together.

On Oa, Sinestro plans an attack on Parallax with other Lanterns with dismal results. Sinestro returns to Oa and begs the Guardians of the Universe to allow him to fight fear with fear. The Guardians agree that Sinestro is powerful enough to wield fear and allow a Yellow Power Ring to be crafted for him.

Hammond excitingly tells Carol about his new and improved drones and convinces her to fly against them again in a testing situation. Carol flies against a single drone, but doesn't know that Hammond has armed the drones with actual weaponry. After the beginning of the test Hammond tells Hal to come watch the test. When Hal arrives at the air field, he notices Abin Sur's ship and asks Hammond how he came about it. Hammond tells Hal how he followed him the night he got the power ring and used the technology to improve the drones that Carol is currently fighting. Hal tells Hammond that the technology must be used responsibly and that Hammond doesn't understand the forces he was dealing with. Hammond enrages and unleashes a psychic attack on Hal, who uses he Green Lantern powers to defend himself. Hal and Hammond fight. During this fight Hal touches Hammond with his power ring and Parallax see's Earth. When Hal is about to beat Hammond, Hammond reveals that the drones Carol is currently fighting with in the air have live ammunition in them. Hal instantly stops beating on Hammond and flies to the rescue leaving Hammond ample opportunity to escape. Hal starts taking a beating from one of the drones and Carol's plane is clipped and starts tail spinning towards the ground. Hal see's flash backs of his father dying the same way with voice over from Sinestro about Hal confronting his fear and defeating it. Hal uses this image to will himself to destroy the drones and save Carol. He then reveals his identity to her after saving her life.

Hal returns to Oa as Sinestro is given the Yellow Power Ring by the guardians and explains that Parallax is coming to Earth to absorb the fear of humanity to come to Oa and directly fight the Green Lantern Corps. He pleads for help from the Guardians. They allow Sinestro to accompany Hal to Earth to help defend it from Parallax, but they deny Sinestro the ability to use the Yellow Power Ring. The Yellow Ring is kept on Oa should Sinestro and Hal fail at defeating Parallax. Hal and Sinestro head to Earth.

Hammond blames the drones attacks on Carol on the artificial intelligence and convinces her that he is not to blame using his psychic powers. Seeing that Hal and Carol are in love, Hammond knocks her out and threaten's to expose her to the Parallax shard from Abin Sur if Hal doesn't give Hammond his Power Ring. Hal tells Sinestro that Hammond is his fight and that Sinestro was allowed to come to Earth to help Hal defeat Parallax, not Hammond. Hal gives into Hammond's demands and gives him the Power Ring, although Hammond cannot control the power because he wasn't chosen by the Ring. Parallax invades and kills Hammond. Hal and Sinestro fight Parallax and Sinestro is knocked out pretty quickly, leaving Hal to defend for himself. Hal fights Parallax and lure's him to space. Remembering his training from Kilowog about how bigger creatures are more effected by gravity, Hal gets Parallax close to the sun and starts beating on him, nearly exhausting him in the process. Parallax falls into the sun and dies, nearly taking Hal out in the process. Sinestro Kilowog and Tomar-Re appear at the last minute and save Hal from falling into the sun. Hal is inducted into the Green Lantern Corps as an official Green Lantern. My version would end with a shot of Sinestro's eyes flashing yellow as the wound caused by Parallax glows yellow.