Jun 10, 2011

E3 2011: Microsoft Keynote Thoughts

In my E3 2011 Wishlist I asked for Microsoft to take a stand on Kinect software. Suffice to say, this is exactly what I got from them, but sadly they didn't bring much else. Of course they started with Call of Duty, which has been the norm for Microsoft for a few years running now. That is a franchise Activision needs to send to die like they did to Guitar Hero, but given the pounds and pounds of money it makes that isn't going to happen any time soon, if at all.

One of the biggest surprises graced the stage next, the new Tomb Raider game. This game looks amazing, mostly on the animation side of things. Aside from Lara sounding like she is having an orgasm every two steps and what looked like mostly a quick time event driven game, which I seriously hope it isn't, I can't wait to get my hands on it.

Then Microsoft jumped into 'Kinect enhanced games', which I really hope perform well. The first was Bioware's Mass Effect 3, which now uses Kinect's voice command to allow you to work your way through the conversation trees and assign squad commands in battle, and Kotaku went on to reveal that you can even swap weapons using voice commands. While I am really looking forward to the conversation selection using voice, I am skeptical about how the combat implications will play out, mostly because I like to play my games with a ridiculous amount of volume.

Also shown was Ubisoft's Ghost Recon: Future Warrior. The weapon customization was cool, but the motions that were used in combat looked stupid. I also enjoy the idea of the random weapons based on your needs, such as 'close combat' to customize your weapon into a shotgun by saying 'close-combat'.

After that it was all about Xbox only experiences, including some great kids titles that I would definitely purchase if I had children of my own. I am glad to see the industry maturing and focusing on alternate experiences that don't involve guns.

Microsoft also announced that they are going to implement a television like video service to the Xbox, as well as YouTube. This is just great news across the board, as I love having new ways to enjoy media, and if it comes with Kinect voice control, all the better!

There was also a very short sizzle reel for an HD remake of Halo Combat Evolved and a small teaser for Halo 4 to cap everything off!