May 19, 2011

Steal this Idea: LEGO X-Men

So today Warner Brothers Entertainment announced they were making LEGO Harry Potter Years 5-7 and poised an interesting question. What could be next for the LEGO franchise? Star Wars has been done, Harry Potter has been done, Pirates of the Caribbean has been done, Indiana Jones has been done. The obvious answer is Lord of the Rings, and while I don't doubt that would be awesome, I have what I think is a better idea.


First off, with X-Men First Class coming out this summer, that brings the total to 5 films the LEGO series could follow. You could even have the original trilogy and offer X-Men First Class and X-Men Origins Wolverine as Downloadable Content for 10 bucks each with new characters and additional stages.

But that is only one vision of LEGO X-Men. The one I would be MORE excited about would be one that was based off of the comic book storyline's. Since the LEGO games seem to work in sets of three movies, you could just do three separate plot points form the comics. The three that come to mind? The Dark Phoenix Saga, The Age of Apocyalpse, and of course, House of M.

While I would love for a more comprehensive LEGO Marvel, the scope is too grand to capture in one game. Maybe LEGO Avenger's would work, specifically because there are a lot of heroes that are in the Avenger's throughout the Avenger's lifespan. I think LEGO X-Men would be a good way to test those waters, and for one wouldn't mind playing as a mini-fig Nightcrawler...