May 9, 2011

RIP Kinlin

Rest in Peace Kinlin, the 6th level Halfling Monk. In retrospect maybe you shouldn't have attacked the Sorcerer Monk without the aid of your fellow adventures, but then again, he did destroy your entire monastery, so he was a loose end that needed to be tied up. Luckily, your compatriots ended up getting him, but alas, this was after you got obliterated by a double critical from a rogue while trying to run to your friends in the off chance they could heal you. Too little to late I suppose. Lets remember the good times.

Like the time you kicked in the door to a make shift kobold prison after drinking a potion of flame breath and killed everyone in the room save for Erkie Timbers, a cleric of Pelor. Yes, even the other prisoners. Or the same adventure where you convinced a lowly kobold named Mepo that he too could achieve greatness!

Or the time you sailed acrobatically through a mansion foyer to snap kick a thieving bandit on the second floor in the neck with out breaking a sweat.

Another one of your great moments? Photobombing every sketch of a tourist groups tour through the Temple in Temple's Temple Tour, only to deface a wall claiming that Pelor had blessed one of the walls in the tour himself.

Rest in Peace young warrior of good...