May 22, 2011

Of Heroes and Villains

So with my summer half over, summer semester starts a week from Tuesday, I have been catching up on one of my favorite past times that didn't exist during the last month of school, my new found obsession with super heroes!

First off, the reading. In the past week I have made my way through all of the Dark Avengers issues available through a Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited subscription. It is an interesting series to say the least, but it provides a ton of insight to the villains that compromise Norman Osborn's Avengers. I personally like arc that The Sentry/The Void follows, especially once his back story is revealed. It also provides a very nice insight into the start of the Siege event. I have also started working towards my goal. Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited has entire run of the Avengers from 1963 to 1996. The goal is to have it all read by the time the feature film comes out.

I also finally renewed my Netflix account to find an amazing sub-genre in Action/Adventure: Comic Books and Superheroes. There are a ton of seasons of Marvel TV Shows and a bunch of animated DC features, but then there are also all the live action movies! Most notably the first a second Superman movies and the Batman Movie featuring the one and only Adam West!

Then there is all the superhero movies this summer. Thor, X-Men: First Class, Green Lantern, Cowboys and Aliens, and Captain America. It is a good time to be a comic book geek!