May 4, 2011

Object Oriented Programming in C#

Holy hell. I have a new found respect for everything I buy that is software related. I am in the midst of a final for my Computer Science class in C# Programming, and let me tell you, it is hell. But then again that could be the fault of the scope of the group project, but that isn't stopping my group! We will get it to work!

It is also kind of interesting to see what the back end may look like on some of my favorite games. Some developers give tools to the community on the PC end of things, such as the galaxy editor in Starcraft 2, but not every game is made for PC (sad) or shipped with the available tools to really dive into the swamp of the game. And sure, tools such as Gary's Mod or The Galaxy Editor in Starcraft 2 are nice, but even that had to be programmed at some point.

This post is a digital version of me tipping my hat to all the game creators, artists, programmers, and designers. I salute you!