May 17, 2011

Games Games Games Oh My!

There are so many games on my back list right now. Lets take a look at the insanity shall we?

Too Human - I want to finish off the last few achievements I am missing. Plus I really enjoy the combat.
Team Fortress 2 - I am finally getting back into the grove of being a Spy.
World of Warcraft - My Death Knight Tank just hit 85 and I want to get him to ZA/ZG item levels.
Super Hero Squad Online - It is Diablo, but in the Marvel universe.

Metro 2033 - Bought it off Steam while it was on sale. Have yet to run the executable.
LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean - I enjoy the LEGO games a ton. And I love me some Pirates.
Darksiders - Got a really good looking used copy from GameStop and have yet to put it in my 360.
Alan Wake: The Signal - After I beat the campaign, never went back for the DLC.
Alan Wake: The Writer - Bought the DLC when it was on sale. Need to complete it.

Dance Central - Chicks dig dancers. Plus I would like to look less awkward when I go out to clubs and bars.
Marvel VS Capcom 3 - I would love to get better at this game. Not pro better, but better.
Halo: Reach - Classic Slayer always brings back good memories.
BioShock - Want to finish off the last few achievements I am missing.

Marvel Pinball - I like Marvel and miss Pinball machines. Maybe this will savor my thirst?
Section 8: Prejudice - 40 player multiplayer for $15? In a sci-fi setting? Sold!
L.A. Noire - All of the reviews make it seem worth playing, but my general hate for Rockstar is holding me back. I will probably get it when it hits $40.

I seriously would like to implement 36 hour days to make this all possible.