May 7, 2011

Free Comic Book Day 2011

Today was Free Comic Book Day and I came out very ahead. For my 3 free comics, I grabbed the Captain America and Thor cross over, which was surprisingly good, the free issue of Spider-Man, and probably the best comic book idea I have ever heard: The Mis-Adventures of Adam West.

Since I was at my local comic book shop I finally decided to pick up both issues of Fear Itself, which I might say is doing a good job of holding my interest. It will be very interesting to see what I hope is a killer ending.

But the best thing? Escape Velocity, the local comic shop I went to, was holding contests and I ended up winning a free copy of Thor Visionaries Volume 2, which is really cool because it was when Thor was teaming up with Beta Ray Bill. Oh, and I scored a 20% coupon for my next purchase! All in all, with the Thor Movie yesterday and Free Comic Book Day today, it has been a pretty successful weekend in Nerd!