May 15, 2011

Crazy week with an Epic Bookend

Finals are hell. Don't let anyone else tell you other wise. I seriously believe the education system has it wrong. Why is it that a grade has to be in a make it or break it state come the last week of school? I get the mentality if it was just for one class, but when it comes to having all your classes toggled to the same state of panic, everything just starts to snowball.

But, that was all wiped out on Saturday anyway. My younger brother Brett and my mother and I all drove out to Manhattan Kansas, home of Kansas State, to see my cousin graduate! Congratulations Lyndsay! The fun happened last night though when we went through Aggieville to pub crawl. I got to see the house my Dad bought when he and my Mom first met, and some of the 'cool hang outs' they used to drink at, that my cousin promptly called 'the creeper bar' because it was where the older people hung out.

All in all it was a great start to the summer and an excellent precursor for the fun to come!