Apr 21, 2011

Salute of the Day!

JOHN WALLBOUNCE I salute you. You have changed my outlook on Xbox Live, apparently you can be a douche bag even without a microphone. I also want to take this time to point out your excellent use of grammar and spelling. Nothing puts me down more like a insult veiled in horrible one word spelling and run on sentences. Oh, and apparently the fact that I am a cunt, but you don't give me a reason as to why you believe I am a cunt. I would also like to take this time to point out another fact: I don't get pussy at this point in my life... but I also don't get syphilis, so I am okay with that trade off.

After some digging I did, I discovered that your gamer picture was courtesy of KonsoleKingz.com, and given the general content of their site, and blatant misspelling of their own URL, I firmly believe they perpetuate the degradation of society. And you spent money on the gamer picture, therefore logic leads me to believe you perpetuate the degradation of society as well.

For these reasons, I salute you JOHN WALLBOUNCE!