Apr 4, 2011

30 Days of Film (28): Most Obscure Film I've Ever Seen

Howard the Duck. The one Marvel movie in the world that shouldn't be, is. While there are great Marvel properties currently in development hell, like Deadpool, this shit got made in '86. Oh, and it was produced by the man who single handedly destroyed the Star Wars franchise, George Lucas.

I don't even know where to start with this movie. First off, Howard the Duck, the main character, is an animatronic puppet. The problem? George Lucas insisted on using Industrial Light and Magic to do the puppet, and not Jim Henson, who made a career off of puppets. Sure, Yoda looked good in Star Wars, but that is one character in a cast of characters ranging from cyborgs to robots to throw rugs. It is a tough sell to do a little known IP such as Howard the Duck as a film with the main character being an animatronic puppet. That and the lines are just horrid. So is the pacing and the other actors. It was just odd to sit through this film, which I am proud to say I have only done once, and I do not intend for that number to change.