Apr 11, 2011

30 Days of Film (21): Favorite Sci-Fi Film

The Fifth Element. This was such a hard decision to make, because Sci-Fi is easily my favorite genre of anything. Books, film, television. You name it, if it is Sci-Fi, I will devour it. Which is why this was such a difficult decision.

I ended up deciding on the Fifth Element because I feel that it is a really great film across the board. Bruce Willis is great in the lead role of Corban Dallas, Gary Oldman plays a perfect evil villain obsessed with profits and nothing more, and Milla Jovovich rocks the misunderstood naive alien who has to save the entire universe. Add in a dash of Chris Tucker for humor and you have a classic in the making.

The action is great, the romance is great, the comedy is great. The movie is great.