Apr 13, 2011

30 Days of Film (19): Favorite Action Film

Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade. This movie is not only classic, but it really gets the definition of action while still allowing character development. This is the third film in the series, and in my eyes, the best film of the series.

The movie opens with the origin of one of Indiana Jones' most prolific relics, his hat. After securing an artifact that belonged to Cornado on a Boy Scout trip, a chase sequence on top of a circus train takes place, with young Indiana Jones wielding a whip for the first time. We also get our first hint at Henry Jones as well.

The action ramps up when we find Jones later in life in a search for his father, which in turn leads to the search for the Holy Grail. But the Nazi's are after it too.

Classic action will never die, and there is a certain authenticity about it since it is not riddled with over the top special effects.