Apr 18, 2011

30 Days of Film (14): Film That No One Expected Me To Like

The Incredible Hulk. Everyone warned me about this movie. They all said it was a super hero movie that was... a different breed of super hero movie. I was also warned that as a Marvel fan, I would like some parts of it, but the rest of it would be kind of meh.

Everyone was wrong. I think this is the best super hero film out there. Yes, even better than the Dark Knight, in which Batman gets reduced to James Bond with a cape and Two Face becomes a secondary character.

First off, Edward Norton as Bruce Banner is absolutely ingenious casting. I love the fact that they stayed very true to Bruce Banner's roots as a scientist, as the comics have really strayed from Bruce Banner and focused more on Hulk. The only thing I hate about this movie is that Edward Norton isn't going to be back as Banner in the Avenger's film.