Apr 22, 2011

30 Days of Film (10): A Film with my Favorite Actress

Wedding Crashers with Rachel McAdams. First I must say this. What an amazing cast all around. I like Vince Vaughn's humor and Owen Wilson actually does a good job of not being annoying. Not to mention the fantastic Christopher Walken is in the film too!

The premise of the film is pretty funny too, and this film really opened up Hollywood to the idea of adult comedies. Now, adult comedies show up about three times a year and they are all fantastic. This one really set the bar high. The setting of Washington DC really gets to shows it stuff too, giving New York City and Los Angeles a well deserved break.

As for Rachel McAdams, I just think she is absolutely gorgeous and plays the part of the everyday woman questioning her relationship really well. That and I am a sucker for brunettes...