Mar 16, 2011

That One Time, With the Hospital

Last week was quite the adventure for me. Let me back up to the weekend. I had a pretty wicked cold Friday night that I finally put to rest by Tuesday morning. I was all ready to go to my 2:30 philosophy class when something crazy decided to happen. My immediate vision disappeared while only my peripheral vision remained. And then it came back. And disappeared again. And came back. And disappeared again.

This was around 1:30. I was promptly rushed to urgent care thanks to my mother dashing home, worried about me. Ever try to take a vision test while your vision keeps jumping in and out? Yeah it is as much fun as it sounds. My temperature was normal, but my vision still kept being special so they said I should go to the ER.

ER admitted me pretty fast so I am glad that I didn't have to wait around. Here is where the going gets good. The nurse that was tasked with watching over me had a cute nurse training under her. This is important for later. The nurses then took to task stabbing my right elbow with an IV trying to find a vain to draw blood from to no avail. They had to move further down my arm to get a cooperating vain. Then came the doctor and she said the three letter word. MRI.

I had to take out all my piercings, so I start taking out my tongue ring, get my right nipple ring out just fine... but wait! The left one is being problematic... ENTER CUTE NURSE TO THE NIPPLE TWEEKING RESCUE! She got it out and damn did it feel good :-D. Oh, then I was jammed inside a loud metal tube and told not to move for 45 minutes. Which is kinda fun when you are trying to cough out the last little bits of a cold. By the time I got out of the MRI, there was a shift change, so I never got cute nurses number. Sad for me.

One episode of Glee and two episodes of Whose Line Is It Anyway, which my mother had never seen before this faithful night in the hospital, the doctor finally came back with the results from my 45 minute tube journey. She didn't say stroke. She didn't say legion. She didn't say tumor. She said "There is a spot on your brain. And it could be one of those three things. Because we don't have a neurologist on staff, we have to send you to the other hospital twenty five minutes away. Oh, and your mother can't drive you because it is a liability issue, so you get to take an ambulance."

The next day was full of fun tests and a shocking visit from my father. To make an even longer blog post short, my Dad never shows up for ANYTHING, even when my parents were together, so it was a pleasant surprise that he did. I had to get a chest x-ray, an ultrasound on my throat, and the coolest thing I have seen, an ultrasound on my heart. The heart ultrasound was amazing. They showed me my heart from at least 6 different angles and they had the sound waves being measured and everything. It was really cool to see.

The doctor finally showed up around 8:30 that night and gave me a final diagnostic. They still didn't know what the spot on my brain was, and apparently it is straddling the left and right side, so they need to have me do another MRI in 2 months. I was also told I need to see an ophthalmologist because a disc on my eye was a bit larger than it needs to be, so in 12 months I get to go back to my ophthalmologist to see if I may have glaucoma. So long story short, we will see what happens.