Mar 1, 2011

Modern Art Tuesday: 30 Seconds to Mars - Hurricane

This video is NSFW. Please view at your own risk.

I absolutely love this video. There is so much going on musically and visually that it comes off as hard to comprehend, but I still can't get enough of it. The first thing that grabbed my attention was the fact that this little short film/music video is bilingual, starting with a few lines of spanish. The amount of emphasis on percussion with quick editing delivers a solid one-two-punch throughout the entire film.

Then there is the sex. The focus seems to be the pure brutality of sex. Now I don't mean brutality as far as hurting and maiming one another, but brutality as it seems that the characters just let themselves go and the images of sex are very carnal in nature. The one shot I enjoy is when you see a woman grab her own breast while her head is thrown back in ecstasy. I love the idea that there shouldn't be shame in sex, specifically because of the over hyped sexual undertones the general media portrays to society today. Too many people still view sex as something that is shameful, and that is disturbing. Sex should be enjoyed and celebrated.