Mar 7, 2011

Marvel Movie Monday: Spider-Man

Oh Spider-Man. You set the bar for life action super hero movies. While X-men was first, and had enough fans to merit two sequels, Spider-man had both the critical and fan acclaim to write the movie into both film and comic history. The first thing that people automatically notice is Peter Parker, played by Tobey McGuire. I personally think his acting in this film was very stagnant and 2 dimensional, but the acting evolved for the sequel, so as a first film in a trilogy, I guess it is okay for the acting to be a little... loose footed.

Except for Williem Dafoe. Aside from the wanky costume, I don't think the man can do no wrong. He balanced the line between Norman Osborn and the Green Goblin with poise that is unmatched for all super villians. (Heath Ledger in The Dark Knight doesn't count, the Joker isn't an alias).

James Franco plays the Harry Osborn, Norman's son, pretty well, but doesn't really let his acting chops show until the sequel.

Spider-Man is also getting rebooted for a 2012 release with Andrew Garfield as Peter Parker and will finally feature the most iconic, at least in my eyes, Spider-Man villian, The Lizard. I for one, cannot wait.